One Step Out, Three Steps Back

I knew from the start of this day that my body wanted and needed only to rest. However, I had an appointment to consult and get measured for my Quickie Wheelchair at Northeast Mobility. Problem 1) the guy I had come to see never showed. Problem 2) I felt too physically weak from the start, having the feeling … Continue reading

Recounting A Good Time

What follows is an excerpt of my 24th Birthday Album documenting the events of my birthday and the weekend to follow that Friday, from February 17th to February 18th, 2012. I largely attribute the joy in these photos to my family, best friend, the two prior days of acupuncture appointments and my pushing myself determined … Continue reading

Off Kilter

I’ve been really off lately. Totally topsy-turvy. Off-balance more than is warranted. When I start to fall, I rarely finish–I catch myself. The couch, counter, wall, towel bar. As of late, I haven’t been so lucky. Seventy-five percent of the time, its “Hello, Mr. floor” i.e. “Ouch!” At this point, my clumsiness comes not from … Continue reading

24 Trips Around the Sun

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday around which I feel much ambivalence. This bothers me, as I hate conflict more than anything in the world. Worst of all, the said conflict comes from within. Self-made by my own mind. Does my ambivalence come from the simple fact that I am only one year away from the … Continue reading

Invisible Winter

It has been unseasonably warm this winter in Albany New York. But of course this is also true for many other parts of the country since winter officially began on December 21st.  If it snows, it will melt before day’s end, and barely cover the grass long since dead, golden brown. It was exceedingly difficult … Continue reading

I Love Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that can ease the symptoms of several conditions including pain infertility menstrual irregularities digestive disorders stress anxiety, depression wellness support disease prevention chronic illness headaches allergies, sinusitis chemotherapy side effects If you have never experienced acupuncture before, the key is to come to the session with an … Continue reading

Life in the Passenger Seat

Since September 2011 I have put driving on hold. I am no longer behind the wheel, but over to the right as a passenger. I’ve been demoted. Demoted because of chronic illness called Lyme. The brain fog and profound fatigue leads to high confusion and low levels of alertness. This, my friends, does not make … Continue reading

Hopes for 2012

1. Health = Lyme free 2. Get fit/See Nutritionist/Go Gluten-Free 3. Apply and get Service Dog 4. Study Psychology 5. Study Judiasm 6. Keep Creativity: Write and Blog Read often Throwing Music lessons: flute Learn to Crochet The above list is my attempt to figure out what to do with my year when I’m not … Continue reading

I’m Back in the Blogosphere

It has been over two years since my last post. Since then, I have gotten my driver’s license and in may 2011 I graduated with my BA in English. I was also accepted into the MSW program at SUNY Albany. My first semester in the program was quite successful. However, I took a leave of … Continue reading